Thor Høy, Men Up North

As a designer and as a person, Thor Høy is driven by curiousity – with openness, humor and a genuine love for life, he uses both his hands and his head, investigating any creative angle he can find.

Helping him further is a familiarity with almost every production method, and a comprehensive knowledge of materials, in the fields of wood, metals and the plastics industry, as well as skills in ideation, sketching, modelling, visualization and prototyping.

Thor Høy comes from a family of artists, art historians, architects, textile makers, ceramists, authors and scientists – he created his first chair, out of a shopping cart, at age eleven, and his first series of lamps at seventeen. 

His past experiences include working Georg Jensen’s jewellery division as well as a stint at Rosendahl, for whom he still designs tableware etc. He also does designs for Trollbeads as a freelancer. 

In 2016 he terminated the Rosendahl position to launch Men Up North, his own men’s jewellery & accessories brand, and serve as the company’s Chief Creative.

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